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Introduction to Group

A Brief Introduction to the Group

Chiho Environmental Group Limited (together with its subsidiaries, “the Group”, Stock code: 00976.HK) is a global leader in metal recycling and environmental protection industry, primarily engaging in recycling, disassembling and processing of mixed metal scrap and recycle and reuse of resources. It also develops car demolition and e-waste treatment and consider them as its key business.

Looking back to our development history, with “Credit First” as our operation principle, and with the strategic plan made after having taken the overall situation into consideration, our group has been actively looking for suitable opportunities in the scrap metal recycling and environmental protection sector in global market for further optimize its well-performed international operation network.

The Group an international business footprint covering over 30 countries and regions mainly in Europe, China and North America. In its operation bases, with a total number exceeding 300, around the world , multiple metal processing facilities are equipped for its one-stop system from collecting, gathering, sorting and processing the materials to sale, utilization, and recirculation of the finished products.

The Group completed its acquisition of Scholz Holding GmbH (“Scholz”) at the end of 2016. Scholz is a world’s largest mixed metal recycler. Other than scrap automobile recycling, Scholz handles also demolition projects to extract reusable resources from railway and cars disassembly and supply to steel mills, foundries and smelters worldwide. Scholz developed several advanced technologies throughout its history of more than a century and it is one of the few company capable of handling all resource recycling steps within its own subsidiaries.

With the privileged international platform and its profound industrial knowledge, the Group is striving to expand the coverage of its cooperated corporates, increase its international influence and strengthen its leading position in the industry.