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Operation Base


Chiho-Tiande’s presence in Europe

In Europe, our 314 site plants locate in Germany (105), The Balkans (73), Czech (55), Romania (55), Austria (16) and Poland (10).

Chiho-Tiande Group Scholz Company has the state-of-the-art technology which helps to increase the recycling rate for end-of-life vehicle materials into 96.96%.

Processing Volume of dismantling vehicles comes near to 200,000 annually.


Chiho-Tiande’s presence in North America

Chiho-Tiande has an operation in North America including the United States and Mexico.

26 site plants in the USA, mainly located in New York and Arizona.


Chiho-Tiande’s presence in Greater China

Chiho-Tiande’s four major facilities in Greater China located in Hong Kong, Taizhou, Yantai and Dalian

Hong Kong:
The global headquarter of Chiho-Tiande
The powerhouse of our metals and electronic waste trading activities
Purchases ferrous, non-ferrous metal scrap and e-waste from local traders and suppliers for pro-processes and further recycling

Main processing center for non-ferrous metals
Specializes in mixed motor recycling in addition to operation of a foundry, producing high quality aluminum alloy ingots